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Congratulations on your career choice!

The world needs competent and capable automotive technicians that are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow’s technology-filled vehicles. As you transition from student to apprentice to full fledged technician, you can count on to supply you with all the tools you need. We‘d like to think of ourselves as your cloud-based or virtual toolbox, but we deliver…


A little note on the The Toolman Van or aka TMV.

We all have seen the TMV showing up at school or the workplace. Temptation is hard to resist and logic goes out the door. We realize the appeal of the TMV. Hey, they may even have something no one else has. But, you have to think like a business person because you, and your toolset, are A business. Invest in tools you can afford right now and that you can grow with.

We offer you affordable, quality tools in a wide variety.  Well known manufacturers and brands!!  Most of our brands of hand tools have a lifetime warranty unless misused or abused. No high interest rate and/or contract that will double  the cost of your equipment every 2 1/2 years if not paid in full quickly. For a fraction of the cost of tools that you would purchase from the TMV, you can widen your tool selection so you can make money by tasking many different types of repair scenarios.

Give Techniciantools a try, you will be surprised!