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News flash....Bosch tools are not for construction only anymore!

Bosch Power tool line is now available on

Bosch renowned quality and engineering is now available to make servicing vehicle a joy and provide unmatched versatility with industry-leading power.

February 2014 — Across the automotive landscape, there is a common need for the right tool for the job. Already recognized in the construction industry, Bosch Power Tools have what it takes to assist in the service bay with an extensive line of power tools designed to answer technician demands for versatility, comfort, power and control. Bosch battery technology combined with fast chargers allow cordless tools to perform longer.

They are a perfect complement to traditional air powered equipment without the mobility restriction of the air supply hose. Complex repair or installation situations within a cramped engine bay require finesse that cannot be provided by an impact gun!  This recent addition to the Techniciantools website includes both corded and battery powered tools. Buffers, grinders, reciprocating saws, compact impact drivers are just some of the new offerings presented in convenient assortments.